Emerging Collage

10th March 2017

I’ve been inspired over the past few years by many new directions emerging in my practice, as a result of my Psychotherapy training. I find myself repeating, with subtle differences  a very powerful image (which I still can’t work out for the life of me!)

As the Spring draws closer, I look forward to more time to work on my own artwork (where I find I have so many ideas and often struggle to find the time to bring them to fruition). I’m not going to put any added pressure on myself, just see what emerges over the coming months. Watch this space :)


Escape to Wales

10th March 2017

I stayed at this remote cottage on the South Coast of Wales last November, which was the perfect time to read and create new artwork. I created a series of collages which will I plan to translate to screen prints and some new mixed media artwork which was both unpredictable and exciting.

Staying with what was, I translated my experience of my surroundings to a set of prints. This was a new direction for me but one that I felt very much connected to on an emotive level and as an embodied experience.

Wales James

Wales Artwork

Whitstable Inspiration

10th March 2017

Here are some images form my Whitstable archive. I was completely seduced by the intensity of colour by the harbour… amazing vivid rusty reds and blues combined with raw textures. These palettes have been noted to use in future illustration work. So beautiful.

Whitstable lineup

Lecturing at Goldsmiths AW16

10th March 2017

I’ve been lecturing back at the lovely Goldsmiths, teaching 1st year tasters. It was a busy term and great to see that so many students went on to choose illustration as one of their specialisms this term.

I designed an illustration project for those students this term, exploring the idea of ‘uncertainty’ and how they could communicate that visually through a series of skills workshops: mark making, collage, mono print, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. I’ve had a great bunch this term and I’m excited to see the culminations of their projects in a few weeks time.


Mark Making

Forest Retreat

10th March 2017

As part of my training as a Gestalt Psychotherapy, self-care is high on my list of priorities. I found this idyllic Hobbit Hole and forest to escape to in Kent. It was the first time I’d gone away by myself and I was concerned I’d go mad or loose the plot totally. Alas, I survived!

The trip involved me running around in the forest like a mad person, using a composting loo (interesting), showering outside in the freezing cold and making dashes to the outside toilet in the night, terrified of a murderer lurking in the vast countryside that surrounded. Alas, I didn’t get murdered. I had a beautifully, nourishing time and took the time I needed to recharge, create artwork, draw dead birds (don’t ask) and reflect. I must go back soon…