6th May 2020

Since the epidemic of COVID-19, I’ve been slowing down and taking things a day at a time. This uncertainty is ripe for old patterns to emerge as our foundations of safety are deeply shaken. This series of illustrations is entitled ‘Homecoming’; returning home to my body and self-support at this time.


Homecoming collage_2

Homecoming collage

Japan Trees

6th May 2020

This illustration is inspired by the trees and landscapes of Japan. I was deeply moved by the respect, connection to and appreciation the Japanese culture have for trees. Since connecting to beautiful, wise and old trees in the forests of Hakone and Kyoto, I’ve kept up my ritual at home. Tree’s have helped me feel grounded, rooted and energised amongst the uncertainty. They are my constant.


Flower Head’s

6th May 2020

Before my trip to Japan last year, I created this series of three illustrations, ‘flower head ladies’. The Japan trip was life changing. My relationship with trees grew. Tree post coming up!


Spring is Coming

8th April 2019


Autumns here

4th November 2018

Autumn is here and the trees leaves are evolving like beautiful chameleons. It’s been a while and I have somewhat abandoned my own illustration work amidst an unsettled year so far. Alas, things are becoming more settled. I have moved (an bought!) my first house in London, got to the 4th year of my psychotherapy training, whilst lecturing at Conde Nast and Goldsmiths and will be setting up my private practice next year. Very busy times!